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Narrowboat Kathlyn

Kathlyn moored at Henley-on-Thames


Welcome to the website for Narrowboat Kathlyn.



As of 9th August 2008 Kathlyn is on her travels down the Kennet and Avon Canal to Bath and back. If you are one of the many people we are meeting along the way who either want my contact details or more details on the boat then drop a line to matt at kathlyn.co.uk.


The main content of this site is currently still the blog that was mattselfbuild.blogspot.com. It has now moved to its new home at http://www.kathlyn.co.uk/blog/. This can also be reach from the links on the left as well as other new content.


On the Links page you will find web links to other Narrowboat blogs, suppliers I have used and other generally useful links I have found while fitting out Kathlyn.


The Library contains details of books I have found useful or interesting.


Over time I plan to add more content to this site giving details of my self fit-out Narrowboat Kathlyn. Keep an eye out for the Gallery and the Design of Kathlyn.

If you have any suggestions of useful types of information do drop me an e-mail to let me know.




Saturday 9th August 2008 - Kathlyn on her Travels

Sunday 30th September 2007 - Update to Library

Wednesday 2nd August - Addition of Library

Monday 29th May 2006 - Site created

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